The Triumph of A Lonely Place
Genevieve Goffman


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“In the summer of the seventy-fifth year—after the construction of the first factory—there was a massive explosion, followed by a fire.”

Goffman’s first novella is a coming of age story of the struggle between regression and acceptance, a vanishing suburb and an encompassing wilderness all kindled by the flame of an industrial disaster.
Featuring introductory writing by Alyssa Davis, founder and director of Alyssa Davis Gallery and Whitney Mallet, founding editor of The Whitney Review of New Writing.

Genevieve Goffman was born in Washington D.C. and is based in New York City. She graduated from the Yale MFA in 2020.  Goffman recent solo exhibitions include Before it all Went Wrong at Hyacinth Gallery in New York in 2022, Grind at Money Gallery, St Petersburg, RU, 2021; Here Forever at Alyssa Davis Gallery, New York, NY, 2020. Goffman’s installation The View, was exhibited in 2023 at the Museum of Applied arts in Vienna Austria.

She has also shown work with Canada Gallery, Thierry Goldberg Gallery, Fragment Gallery, Lubov and Foreign and Domestic in New York, EXILE in Vienna, Austria, Patara Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia, Workroom.Daipyat in Voronezh, Russia, and Harawik in Los Angeles. Goffman has exhibited at NADA x Foreland in 2021 with Alyssa Davis Gallery and Bienvenue Art Fair (Paris) in 2021 with Lily Robert. 

Goffman’s work has been featured in Nylon Magazine, Forever Magazine, ArforumPin Up Magazine and Spike Art Magazine.

The Triumph of A Lonely Place is designed and  published in collaboration with Inpatient Press and produced by Book Art.

Exhibition Catalog
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Alex Patrick Dyck, Cléo Sjölander,
Ariane Gagné (éli del), Tomm Roeschlein,
Julien Parant-Marquis, Justin Apperley,
Jason Van Hoose, Dylan Weaver, Paul Jackson Burgess, Rocco Sait, Marie Ségolène C Brault

84 pages
6x9 inches
Designed by Marie Ségolène
Images by Cléo Sjölander

Datura first took place in October 2023, in Youngstown (OH). The exhibition was the culmination of a 10 day residency at 100 N Prospect, during which the artists produced more than 50 artworks. This catalog documents the works as they were displayed in and outside of the warehouse. 

A section of artworks will be reinstalled at Espace Maurice in January 2024. 

In the belly, Ariane Gagné (éli del)
Exhibition Catalog
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Ariane Gagné (éli del) 
Introduction by  Marie Ségolène C Brault
8.5x11 inches

In the belly opened at Espace Maurice in March 2022 . This solo exhibition of Ariane Gagné (éli del)’s work, included a combination of works on paper and lamb skins -tattooed and varnished. 

This catalog is a deep dive into the making of the work, as well as staged performative photographs and stills from video footage taken in the artist’s studio. 

Espace Maurice, 2021-22
Exhibition Catalog
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Cléo Sjölander, Alégria Gobeil, Julien Parant-Marquis, Jeffrey Grunthaner, Ariane Gagné (éli del), Nina Schuiki, Anna Cahn, Bronson Smilie, Fatine Violette Sabiri, Casimir Ernest Gasser

150 page retrospective of the first year of exhibitions as Espace Maurice